When Americans come back to work, we could see a ‘spike in litigation’ over coronavirus

As COVID-19 infection rates begin to level off, and governments mull unprecedented action to return millions of Americans back to offices, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, restaurants, and retail locations, legal protections created for a pre-pandemic world are about to be tested. And businesses may be exposed to a wave of new lawsuits.

“When people are going back to work and getting back out to normal life you’re going to see a spike of infections, and I fully expect that will be followed with a spike in litigation,” Eric A. Swan, an attorney with Lathrop GPM who handles tort defense on behalf of Fortune 500 companies, told Yahoo Finance. Swan describes the coming claims as “battlegrounds” that will settle new labor and business disputes.

The anticipated uptick has labor and employment attorneys shifting focus from helping clients navigate the avalanche of coronavirus-related furloughs, layoffs, and work from home mandates, to preparing for

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