Macron backs plans to tell French to eat less cheese to help the environment

A citizens' environmental panel suggested cutting meat and cheese consumption in France by 20 per cent - AFP
A citizens’ environmental panel suggested cutting meat and cheese consumption in France by 20 per cent – AFP

President Emmanuel Macron, reeling from a humiliating wave of Green local election victories over the weekend, has embraced an unusual strategy to win back popularity: suggesting the French eat less cheese. 

The president backed a series of proposals from an environmental citizens’ panel on Monday, including that the French should cut their cheese and meat consumption by 20 per cent.

He also promised €15 billion (£13.7bn) in new funding to fight climate change, a day after Green candidates seized control of cities including Lyon, Strasbourg and Besançon. In Paris, the Socialist mayor, Anne Hidalgo, was re-elected with Green support.

On Monday, Macron met members of a citizen’s panel he convened earlier this year to shape government policy on the environment after accusations that he had failed to deliver on promises

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The future of work is a ‘work anywhere, live anywhere environment’ that’s all digital

Salesforce (CRM) CEO Marc Benioff said on Friday that employees will adapt to a future that’s increasingly digital, as the COVID-19 pandemic shifts the dynamic between companies and their workers.

As coronavirus lockdowns forced businesses and schools to rely on technology to replace in-person work and meetings, it accelerated already existing trends around the future of the workplace.

Weighing in on an increasingly hot topic, the billionaire tech chief — who disrupted the enterprise software space over two decades ago with Salesforce’s cloud-based enterprise software-as-a-service (Saas) — told Yahoo Finance that he’s been asked a lot lately about what the future of work looks like post-COVID-19. 

Benioff said that “we’re in this all-digital environment. Here we are, you know, using this technology to communicate and to do this interview,” he said in a wide-ranging discussion.

“And that looks a lot like what the future of work is.

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The Biden campaign says it’s limiting contact with foreign officials, blaming a ‘poisonous environment’ created by Trump

The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.
The Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden.

Associated Press

  • Joe Biden’s presidential campaign says it’s limiting members’ interaction with foreign officials, Politico reported.

  • A campaign official told the outlet that President Donald Trump had created a “poisonous environment” around interacting with other countries.

  • Trump was impeached over his dealings with Ukraine, and he has also faced scrutiny for his interactions with Russia and China.

  • Trump was acquitted over Ukraine in February by the Republican-controlled Senate.

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Joe Biden’s presidential campaign says it’s restricting its members’ interactions with foreign officials, Politico reported Tuesday.

Antony Blinken, a senior adviser to Biden, told the outlet that the measure was meant to avoid any appearance of a conflict of interest amid what he called a “poisonous environment” attributed to President Donald Trump.

Trump has been accused of inappropriate interactions with foreign officials both during his 2016 campaign and

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The superyacht concept ‘Hide’ uses reflective glass on the hull to blend into any environment

HIDE Yacht.
HIDE Yacht.

Anna Borla Design

  • Anna Borla designed the Hide concept yacht to blend in with the environment while out at sea.

  • The owner’s cabin is 775 square feet and has two balconies and a large lounging area.

  • The yacht was designed with an emphasis in sustainability and privacy.

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Anna Borla designed the “Hide” concept yacht that can blend in with the environment while out at sea.

The “Hide” yacht achieves its namesake with its dark exterior colors and large, reflective windows, showcasing the environment around it while simultaneously allowing it to “hide” in its surroundings. The yacht — which can service up to eight guests — was also designed to look minimalistic and “clean” with “simple lines,” according to a statement by Anna Borla.

In total, the yacht is 49.9 meters, almost 164 feet, long and has a beam — or

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