Apple Q2 2020 earnings will provide first look at COVID-19 impact

  • Apple reports its fiscal second quarter earnings on Thursday, providing the first look at how its financials have been impacted as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • Analysts are estimating that Apple could report around $54 billion in revenue for the second quarter, compared to the $63 to $67 billion the company originally projected.
  • Apple said in February that it did not expect to meet its Q2 revenue guidance because of the pandemic.
  • Analysts will be looking for answers about iPhone demand and whether the coronavirus will impact the company’s expected 5G iPhone launch.
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When Apple reported its fiscal first quarter earnings back in January, the coronavirus was almost an afterthought.

While its revenue guidance gave a large range of possibilities to account for the virus, it was Apple’s stellar iPhone sales and soaring revenue that dominated most of the spotlight —

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